Matt Harvey

Web development & digital design portfolio

I am a front end web developer with eight years of commercial experience. Previously employed by Jagex Games Studio, my website projects include Block N Load and Transformers Universe. I have also worked at Studio 24, a creative digital agency in Cambridge, UK, where I completed website projects for clients such as Crossrail and East Anglian Air Ambulance. For more information about my skills and experience, please browse the rest of this portfolio and take a look at my CV.

Block N Load by Jagex Games Studio. Website:
Role: Senior front end developer, full time from November 2014 to February 2015.

Block N Load screenshot

In November 2014, because of the decline of Transformers Universe and the success of the studio’s upcoming game Block N Load, I was transferred into a small team of developers working on This project demanded a very quick turnaround and had to cater for all stages of the game’s launch, from initial announcement to full commercial release. The site is built using a heavily-customised WordPress installation, which allowed the team to develop the site very quickly while still giving the marketing team the level of control they needed through the CMS.

Pencil drawing of a South African elephant

A drawing of an elephant I saw on an overnight safari trip in Aquila reserve, South Africa.

Transformers Universe by Jagex Games Studio. Website: (no longer active).
Role: Website Developer, full time from October 2012 until November 2014 when I transferred to Block N Load.

Transformers Universe screenshot
From October 2012 until the announcement of the game’s cancellation on the 15th of December 2014, I worked on the Transformers Universe project. In my time at Jagex, I have been involved in the development of the player-facing website and a number of supporting services such as an in-house CMS, monitoring dashboards and admin interfaces for various modules and services that the game relied on.

Drawing of Optimus Prime from the Transformers movies

An A3 pencil drawing of Optimus Prime that I completed shortly before joining the Transformers Universe web team at Jagex Games Studio.