Matt Harvey

Web development & digital design portfolio

Men’s lifestyle magazine. Website: (redeveloped after company takeover).
Role: Webmaster, full time from March 2011 to July 2012.

Screenshot of the FRONT magazine website.
I began working at FRONT as an intern and joined the team as a full-time member of staff in early 2011. As the only web designer/developer on the team, I was given sole responsibility for the development and maintenance of FRONT’s website and social channels. I also took on the responsibility of the FRONT shop, including front end design and development, product management and some contract negotiation. For the first year, I was also the primary point of contact for both customers and suppliers.

In my first year at FRONT, their website’s traffic doubled and when I left, it was attracting over half a million unique visitors each month.

This graph shows the increase in unique visitors to the FRONT website after I joined in 2011.
Graph showing the increase in web traffic on through my first year of employment.

Key achievements:

  • Relaunched the website on a new web server with a redesigned structure that dramatically increased the site’s performance and allowed greater volumes of web traffic.
  • Led a campaign that introduced and promoted new static content on a regular basis, leading to a doubling of web traffic in my first year of employment.
  • Optimised the structure of the website for search engines, meaning that Google searches for the names of all FRONTs top models return their profiles on This is one of the key reasons for the rapid increase in web traffic.
  • Optimised the website and video content for mobile devices, leading to an immediate and ongoing increase in mobile web traffic.
  • Restructured the FRONT video service to increase usability and integrate affiliate advertising, leading to a continually increasing source of revenue.
  • Created and managed all aspects of the original FRONT shop and then took sole responsibility for the technical and administration side of the later relaunch with, leading to a seamless transition to the new platform and increased revenue from shop sales.

Website: (no longer active)

Screenshot of the SUPERSUPER website

While working at FRONT Magazine, the owners of FRONT, who were involved with SUPERSUPER magazine, passed my details on to their editor, suggesting that I make them a website. I took on the project alongside my existing role and consulted with the SUPERSUPER staff in the following weeks, creating a website that conveyed the unique character of the magazine and allowed their editorial team to update it through a WordPress CMS.

Gothic and Heavy Metal clothing company based in Croydon. Website:
Role: Web & Marketing Designer, full time for 6 months.

Screenshot of the Spiral Direct website.

In August 2010, I joined the Spiral team and managed a project to develop a new online shop, blog and social media presence. I joined the company at the beginning of the project and liaised with an external company who developed the e-commerce platform. This involved designing the website to a brief, constructing working page templates and creating Photoshop actions to batch process the company’s back-catalogue of over ten thousand product images to fit with the new design. I was also involved in restructuring the shop’s antiquated database system and used web analytics and recent e-commerce case studies to improve the user experience, leading to a boost in sales and positive customer feedback.

Key achievements:

  • Completely redesigned the Spiral website from the ground up to make it more user-friendly and make the design fit with the company’s brand image.
  • Created a blog on the WordPress platform and took control of their social media presence in order to allow the company to keep their customers up-to-date and promote return traffic.
  • Used e-commerce case studies and web analytics software to identify and fix a number of usability issues on the site, resulting in a more user-friendly experience.
  • Solved major problems with the company’s out-dated mail order system before it was integrated with the new shop, eliminating the possibility of duplicate records and simplifying the integration between the online shop and the mail order phone service.
  • Filmed and edited a video showing the design and manufacturing process of Spiral clothing, which was shown at fashion conventions and generated a great deal of interest from potential retail customers and distributors. Edited using Adobe Premiere and After Effects.


Screenshot of an website created for a hypnotherapist and counselor

I created this website in early 2011 for Trev Roberts, a counsellor and hypnotherapist who wanted to set up a service that allowed people to book counseling consultations online. The brief stated that it needed to have a clean design and easy access to all the main sections of the site from the home page. It also needed to provide a simple admin area that allowed the client to update the main pages and create new articles on a regular basis. To accomplish this, I built the main pages and had them approved, then adapted them into a custom WordPress theme. I then set up a WordPress installation on the client’s existing web server and configured all the necessary features to allow him to manage his own website in the future.

Drawing of the space ship Serenity

An A4 pencil drawing of the space ship Serenity form the TV series Firefly.